Group stage (September 20, 2023 to December 14, 2023)

Group A

Group A Table
Rk Squad MP W D L GF GA GD Pts xG xGA xGD xGD/90 Last 5 Notes
1fr Club Crest Lille532072+5119.23.5+5.7+1.14
2sk Club Crest Slovan Bratislava531175+2107.06.5+0.5+0.10
3fo Club Crest 511356-145.05.7-0.7-0.14
4si Club Crest Olimpija510428-634.49.9-5.5-1.11

Group B

Group B Table
Rk Squad MP W D L GF GA GD Pts xG xGA xGD xGD/90 Last 5 Notes
1be Club Crest Gent5410154+111311.54.7+6.8+1.36
2il Club Crest Maccabi Tel Aviv5401118+3125.48.4-3.0-0.60
3ua Club Crest Zorya Luhansk5113611-544.98.1-3.1-0.63
4is Club Crest Breiðablik5005514-907.58.2-0.7-0.14

Group C

Group C Table
Rk Squad MP W D L GF GA GD Pts xG xGA xGD xGD/90 Last 5 Notes
1cz Club Crest Viktoria Plzeň550061+5156.52.5+4.0+0.80
2hr Club Crest Dinamo Zagreb520375+265.86.4-0.7-0.13
3kz Club Crest Astana FK5113410-644.17.5-3.4-0.69
4xk Club Crest KF Ballkani Therandë511334-143.53.4+0.1+0.02

Group D

Group D Table
Rk Squad MP W D L GF GA GD Pts xG xGA xGD xGD/90 Last 5 Notes
1be Club Crest Club Brugge5410122+101311.84.5+7.3+1.46
2no Club Crest Bodø/Glimt5311105+5108.15.0+3.1+0.62
3ch Club Crest Lugano5113612-646.57.5-1.0-0.21
4tr Club Crest Beşiktaş5014514-913.713.1-9.4-1.87

Group E

Group E Table
Rk Squad MP W D L GF GA GD Pts xG xGA xGD xGD/90 Last 5 Notes
1eng Club Crest Aston Villa5401116+5127.43.6+3.9+0.77
2pl Club Crest Legia Warsaw530286+
3nl Club Crest AZ Alkmaar5203710-365.34.1+1.2+0.25
4ba Club Crest Zrinjski Mostar510459-432.67.7-5.1-1.02

Group F

Group F Table
Rk Squad MP W D L GF GA GD Pts xG xGA xGD xGD/90 Last 5 Notes
1it Club Crest Fiorentina5320135+81110.04.5+5.5+1.10
2hu Club Crest Ferencváros523085+398.25.8+2.4+0.49
3be Club Crest Genk513165+
4rs Club Crest Čukarički5005214-1202.410.3-7.9-1.58

Group G

Group G Table
Rk Squad MP W D L GF GA GD Pts xG xGA xGD xGD/90 Last 5 Notes
1gr Club Crest PAOK5410128+4138.95.6+3.3+0.66
2de Club Crest Eint Frankfurt5302115+699.94.0+5.8+1.17
3sct Club Crest Aberdeen5032810-234.88.1-3.2-0.64
4fi Club Crest HJK5023513-824.610.6-6.0-1.19

Group H

Group H Table
Rk Squad MP W D L GF GA GD Pts xG xGA xGD xGD/90 Last 5 Notes
1dk Club Crest Nordsjælland5311176+111011.66.1+5.5+1.10
2bg Club Crest Ludogorets53021011-198.56.7+1.8+0.36
3tr Club Crest Fenerbahçe5302911-296.35.7+0.6+0.11
4sk Club Crest Spartak Trnava5014311-813.511.3-7.9-1.58

League Table

League Table Table
Rk Squad MP W D L GF GA GD Pts xG xGA xGD xGD/90 Last 5 Attendance Top Team Scorer Goalkeeper Notes
GRcz Club Crest Viktoria Plzeň550061+5156.52.5+4.0+0.80
Tomáš Chorý - 3Jindřich Staněk
GRbe Club Crest Gent5410154+111311.54.7+6.8+1.36
Gift Orban - 5Davy Roef
GRbe Club Crest Club Brugge5410122+101311.84.5+7.3+1.46
Hans Vanaken - 4Simon Mignolet
GRgr Club Crest PAOK5410128+4138.95.6+3.3+0.66
Andrija Živković, Kiril Despodov... - 2Dominik Kotarski
GReng Club Crest Aston Villa5401116+5127.43.6+3.9+0.77
John McGinn, Ollie Watkins - 2Emiliano Martínez
GRil Club Crest Maccabi Tel Aviv5401118+3125.48.4-3.0-0.60
Dor Peretz - 4Orlando Mosquera
GRit Club Crest Fiorentina5320135+81110.04.5+5.5+1.10
Jonathan Ikone, Lucas Martínez Quarta... - 2Oliver Christensen
GRfr Club Crest Lille532072+5119.23.5+5.7+1.14
Yusuf Yazıcı - 3Lucas Chevalier
GRdk Club Crest Nordsjælland5311176+111011.66.1+5.5+1.10
Benjamin Nygren - 5Andreas Hansen
GRno Club Crest Bodø/Glimt5311105+5108.15.0+3.1+0.62
Faris Pemi Moumbagna - 3Nikita Haikin
GRsk Club Crest Slovan Bratislava531175+2107.06.5+0.5+0.10
Aleksandar Čavrić - 4Milan Borjan
GRde Club Crest Eint Frankfurt5302115+699.94.0+5.8+1.17
Omar Marmoush - 4Kevin Trapp
GRhu Club Crest Ferencváros523085+398.25.8+2.4+0.49
Aleksandar Pešić - 3Dénes Dibusz
GRpl Club Crest Legia Warsaw530286+
Ernest Muçi - 3Kacper Tobiasz
GRbg Club Crest Ludogorets53021011-198.56.7+1.8+0.36
Jakub Piotrowski - 3Simon Sluga
GRtr Club Crest Fenerbahçe5302911-296.35.7+0.6+0.11
Michy Batshuayi - 3Dominik Livaković
GRhr Club Crest Dinamo Zagreb520375+265.86.4-0.7-0.13
Bruno Petković - 2Ivan Nevistić
GRbe Club Crest Genk513165+
Joris Kayembe, Andi Zeqiri... - 1Maarten Vandevoordt
GRnl Club Crest AZ Alkmaar5203710-365.34.1+1.2+0.25
Vangelis Pavlidis - 3Mathew Ryan
GRfo Club Crest 511356-145.05.7-0.7-0.14
Páll Klettskarð, René Joensen... - 1Nils Jonatan Johansson
GRxk Club Crest KF Ballkani Therandë511334-143.53.4+0.1+0.02
Edvin Kuč, Walid Hamidi... - 1Enea Koliçi
GRua Club Crest Zorya Luhansk5113611-544.98.1-3.1-0.63
Eduardo Guerrero, Ihor Horbach - 2Mykyta Turbaievskyi
GRch Club Crest Lugano5113612-646.57.5-1.0-0.21
Shkelqim Vladi - 2Amir Saipi
GRkz Club Crest Astana FK5113410-644.17.5-3.4-0.69
Kamo Hovhannisyan - 2Josip Condric
GRsct Club Crest Aberdeen5032810-234.88.1-3.2-0.64
Bojan Miovski, Duk... - 2Kelle Roos
GRba Club Crest Zrinjski Mostar510459-432.67.7-5.1-1.02
Zvonimir Kožulj - 2Marko Marić
GRsi Club Crest Olimpija510428-634.49.9-5.5-1.11
David Sualehe, Mustafa Nukić - 1Denis Pintol
GRfi Club Crest HJK5023513-824.610.6-6.0-1.19
Hassane Bandé, Bojan Radulovic - 2Jesse Öst
GRsk Club Crest Spartak Trnava5014311-813.511.3-7.9-1.58
Michal Ďuriš, Erik Daniel... - 1Dominik Takáč
GRtr Club Crest Beşiktaş5014514-913.713.1-9.4-1.87
Vincent Aboubakar - 2Mert Günok
GRis Club Crest Breiðablik5005514-907.58.2-0.7-0.14
Klæmint Olsen, Ja­son Daði Svanþórs­son - 2Anton Ari Einarsson
GRrs Club Crest Čukarički5005214-1202.410.3-7.9-1.58
Đorđe Ivanović, Luka Adžić - 1Nemanja Belić, Nenad Filipović
League Table Table
Home Away
Rk Squad MP W D L GF GA GD Pts Pts/MP xG xGA xGD xGD/90 MP W D L GF GA GD Pts Pts/MP xG xGA xGD xGD/90
GRcz Club Crest Viktoria Plzeň220020+
GRbe Club Crest Gent3300111+1093.007.22.5+4.7+1.55211043+
GRbe Club Crest Club Brugge211031+
GRgr Club Crest PAOK211043+
GReng Club Crest Aston Villa330052+393.004.71.5+3.2+1.08210164+231.502.72.1+0.6+0.31
GRil Club Crest Maccabi Tel Aviv220064+
GRit Club Crest Fiorentina3210103+772.337.32.2+5.1+1.68211032+
GRfr Club Crest Lille220041+363.005.41.6+3.8+1.90312031+251.673.91.9+1.9+0.64
GRdk Club Crest Nordsjælland3210143+1172.339.73.5+6.3+2.08210133031.501.82.6-0.8-0.38
GRno Club Crest Bodø/Glimt320184+462.005.03.1+1.9+0.64211021+
GRsk Club Crest Slovan Bratislava211032+
GRde Club Crest Eint Frankfurt320193+662.006.32.7+3.6+1.21210122031.503.51.3+2.2+1.11
GRhu Club Crest Ferencváros211042+
GRpl Club Crest Legia Warsaw220052+363.003.31.9+1.5+0.75310234-
GRbg Club Crest Ludogorets220060+663.002.70.6+2.1+1.053102411-731.005.86.0-0.3-0.09
GRtr Club Crest Fenerbahçe220062+463.002.91.0+1.9+0.97310239-631.003.44.7-1.4-0.45
GRhr Club Crest Dinamo Zagreb210152+331.503.12.4+0.7+0.35310223-
GRbe Club Crest Genk202022021.002.72.3+0.3+0.17311143+141.334.75.1-0.4-0.13
GRnl Club Crest AZ Alkmaar320134-
GRfo Club Crest 311142+241.333.22.4+0.8+0.26200214-300.001.73.2-1.5-0.74
GRxk Club Crest KF Ballkani Therandë310233031.002.72.6+0.2+0.05201101-110.500.80.90.0-0.02
GRua Club Crest Zorya Luhansk201124-210.501.83.8-2.0-0.99310247-331.003.14.3-1.2-0.39
GRch Club Crest Lugano201113-210.502.83.4-0.5-0.26310259-431.003.64.2-0.5-0.18
GRkz Club Crest Astana FK301214-310.332.03.4-1.4-0.47210136-331.502.14.1-2.0-1.01
GRsct Club Crest Aberdeen201134-110.502.63.5-1.0-0.49302156-120.672.34.5-2.2-0.75
GRba Club Crest Zrinjski Mostar210155031.501.72.2-0.5-0.24300304-400.000.95.5-4.6-1.53
GRsi Club Crest Olimpija310223-
GRfi Club Crest HJK301246-210.333.45.4-2.0-0.67201117-610.501.25.1-3.9-1.97
GRsk Club Crest Spartak Trnava300326-400.002.17.3-5.2-1.75201115-410.501.44.0-2.6-1.31
GRtr Club Crest Beşiktaş3003310-700.001.66.8-5.2-1.75201124-210.502.26.3-4.1-2.07
GRis Club Crest Breiðablik300336-300.005.34.6+0.7+0.24200228-600.002.23.7-1.4-0.71
GRrs Club Crest Čukarički300315-400.001.86.0-4.2-1.42200219-800.000.74.3-3.6-1.82


Nationalities 2023-2024 Europa Conference League

  • Does not include qualifying rounds

League Notes

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